Information All Premium Styles now are now compatible with XenForo 1.4.5

  1. Brivium

    Brivium - Feb 28, 2015 XenForo Services Staff Member


    Well, we don’t know yet but until now, it seems that XenForo 2.0.0 is still avoiding us, the XenForo users. Are you looking for XenForo 2.0.0 and they just give you XenForo 1.4.5. Well, I must say that it will take a long time for XenForo staffs adjust their works. In that time, we are pleased to use what they give us, the XenForo version 1.4.5.

    And Brivium is proud to bring to you the new updated version of XenForo 1.4.5 in all of our premium styles. Please check it now and get it to your homepage.

    Thank you for your support during those time and we will continue notice you as soon as possible for what will have changed in the time mentioned.
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