Credits 1 All time Vs month to month and more....


    OSEFCE - Nov 23, 2013 New Member

    I purchased the annual premium and am using for a point ranking system

    I just started this this month, I have a leaderboard showing current month totals and daily. What I would like to do is before the end of the month add a third that could be All-Time. So going forward I could reset the monthly board every month, have the daily board, AND have one showing the totals from the day we started. How would I do that?

    Also, is there a way to add the actually rank number next to each person (#1, #2, #3, etc.) and their avatar.

    Also I would like to show their rank # in all the places where we display the point totals through out the forum...member card, visitor Id, avatar message block etc.

    It would be super cool if the guy in #1 spot got a special wrap around their avatar or something...or a banner, mayber for #1, 2 and 3...
  2. Brivium

    Brivium - Dec 1, 2013 XenForo Services Staff Member


    About your request, we offer a custom work service to edit core Credits Premium code.
    If you want to do that we have an advice.
    - Don't store all transactions from the day you started => this will make your database very large. Only store transactions for daily, week, month.
    - Future Credits Premium upgrades version will doesn't affect for your custom addon.