1. banji

    banji - Feb 15, 2018 New Member

    I recently experience a unresponsive page in /find-new/profile-posts and members profile page. When i visit the 2 pages, the page loads and becomes 'frozen' halfway until i close the tab or open a new one. same problem is notice on desktop and mobile chrome browser.

    I have disabled all add-ons leaving only Brivium - Advanced Profile Posts addon but problem persists.
    I also tried to disable Brivium - Advanced Profile Posts leaving all other add-ons active, but the issue was corrected and everything works fine.
    I installed a fresh Brivium - Advanced Profile Posts version 1.5.1, still problem persists.

    Now I'm left with no option
  2. Pinn

    Pinn - Feb 17, 2018 Active Member

    I have the same Problem!! Its not Funny!!!! :swear:
  3. banji

    banji - Feb 18, 2018 New Member

    Oh, I see. But did you open a support ticket to request quick assistance then and were you able to get a fix?
  4. Pinn

    Pinn - Feb 20, 2018 Active Member

    I have Update to Xenforo 2.0!
    I hope of a Update this Ressource to XF2.0!