What new addon would you like to but from Bravium?

  1. Search Stats

  2. Membership solution

  3. Landing page builder

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. rolo

    rolo - Nov 21, 2014 New Member

    I would like to suggest 3 addons that you could develop and sell a lot ;)

    1. Search stats

    It is very important to see what users search so I can upload content related to user searchs.
    This addon should have:
    • List of successfull searches (today - last week - last month - last year - ever) with # or searches...
    • List of unsuccesfull searches (today - last week - last month - last year - ever) with # or searches...
    2. Complete membership solution
    Te sell access and subscriptions to my forum

    3. Landing page builder
    Build a page with the excelent Xen Foro wysiwyg editor but be able to turn off header, footer, and all menus
  2. Brivium

    Brivium - Nov 22, 2014 XenForo Services Staff Member

    Dear rolo,

    Thank you for your suggestions! To show our grateful for you, please keep contact with us! As soon as the products will have launched, we would like to invite you to use it for free. You will be the first customer who uses those products! And we hope to receive your feedbacks for its quality.

    Thank you and hope you have a best day!
  3. rolo

    rolo - Nov 22, 2014 New Member

    I really like "customer oriented" business.

    You should open a poll so potential customers can vote for what they need
    This is the best strategy I know to increase sells ;)

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