1. emailsnipper

    emailsnipper - Apr 9, 2017 New Member VIP Member

    Can user share/sell/post keycode too? Or only admin could sell/share/post keycode to user?
    I really interested in and going to purchase this right now but I want to know more function about it. For example:
    - Anyone can post/share/sell keycode (exclude banned user, guest)
    - Anyone can post/share/sell with various personal choice: how many keycode that other user scan view, how many credit for each keycode
    - Only poster (owner) can view, edit, delete keycode without paying (admin, smod can not view without paying)
    - What is payment that your add-on use? (credit, trophy point, posts, liked...)
    - Display username who took keycode

    Waiting for your responde.
    thank you.