Default User Text Formatting (font styling)

  1. Janrex

    Janrex - Dec 16, 2015 Active Member

    I'm currently looking for this add-on, a good one and perfect. :D

    Default User Text Formatting - Allow users to chose there default text formatting from (User CP).and applied on new threads, new replies and group discusses With inline styling preveiw and Zero Query!

    AdminCP controller.
    1. ability to turn it on or Off.
    2. ability to set font types
    3. ability to set font colors.
    4. ability to set font sizes.
    5. ability to set groups (Allowed Groups.) - new
    6. ability to set woking locations. - new
      • New thread
      • New reply / Quick reply box.
      • Visitor messages.
      • Private messages ( New & reply).
      • Groups discussion.

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