Different Usergroup = Different Event

  1. KeinJrr

    KeinJrr - Oct 4, 2016 New Member

    Hi I'm new here, I also have questions.

    I have Credits Premium and I want to apply event for different user group without causing an error.

    Let's say I want to put 10% exchange tax on registered and I want to put 3% exchange tax for subscription based group, as I try with Sub Group to handle the exchange or allow certain event it would work, but I would get an error if I try using registered group with same event, but it often land an error. Is there away to workaround this like I want to make same event for different group without an error
  2. Brivium

    Brivium - Oct 4, 2016 XenForo Services Staff Member


    I'd like to confirm with you that our add-on can do that. Please login to your customer account and submit a ticket to our Support Department. So we will check and improve your trouble.