Dislike Add-on works with Credits Premium?

  1. joey_tbf

    joey_tbf - Feb 20, 2015 Active Member VIP Member

    I see that you have made a "Dislike Add-on" It looks pretty cool.

    Question #1 Is it possible to use this add-on with Credits Premium?

    This is how i think it would be cool:

    If "user1" makes a post about how he thinks animals are stupid and bad.
    and "user2" thinks animals are nice and good. So he presses "dislike"
    Then user1 will lost 5 credits.

    That would be fun!
    a) Members would get mad everytime someone presses dislike.
    b) They would be more careful when they make posts

    Admin can put how many credits they will lose when someone presses dislike.
    Is it possible?

    Question #2 Can you install the Dislike Add-on here??. I want to test it and this forum would be good to test.

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  2. Chang Lee

    Chang Lee - Feb 26, 2015 XenForo Expert Staff Member

    Dear @serverguy,

    #1: Thanks for your report. We have noted your feedback. Let us try next update.
    #2: We will install this add-on at here when we release the next upgrade version.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let me know.

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  3. rafass

    rafass - Mar 10, 2015 Active Member

    Great sugestions!
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