1. gldtn

    gldtn - Oct 26, 2016 New Member


    I just thought I would give some feedback on your forum design. It looks very good, but I find it very hard to follow with the big presentation on the forum home. I think a design change to make the community easier to follow without that huge map on front would make things a bit more pleasant and aim things more to the content side. Maybe make the huge map area appear only for non registered user? Also the forum listing without last post makes the UI no so user friendly.

    Also, on post, I think latest threads and similar threads should appear below thread discussion!

    Just my 2 cents!
  2. joey_tbf

    joey_tbf - Oct 26, 2016 Active Member VIP Member

    i agree, i don't like this new style, i find the website hard to use, i can't even find how to edit my profile, and the like button is on the left, but i'm right handed!

    i wish they would use the default xenforo style with a little bit of color orange, or let us use it, i don't see the need for a big fancy style,

    keep it simple brivium!

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  3. Brivium

    Brivium - Oct 26, 2016 XenForo Services Staff Member

    Thank you a lot for your information you gave us.

    A lot of XenForo styles & add-ons have the same ideas from the first place, therefore we was trying to made it are different. Maybe it will make some confuses on the first time to use. But we look foward your loved with this style early.

    In Brivium, we would try to do our best thing to bring more and more benefits for the users.

    We thank you again and hope that we could receive your support in the next time!
  4. gldtn

    gldtn - Oct 26, 2016 New Member

    I understand you want to stand out by delivering something different. But when UI is not up to par with UX, then things don't work well.

    In my opinion, you style: https://brivium.com/demo/Tellurium/ would work a lot better here in this situation. Right now you are hiding your content and not letting people getting involved in the community the way they should. If you want to create a community that's not the way to go in my opinion. I would at least give an alternate style option for your members and maybe activate some of your add-ons such as;

    Advanced Profile Posts, Modern Statistics, Advanced Reputation System, Rock Paper Scissors, Default Signature, Rate Threads with Stars, Featured User System, Category for Conversation, Avatar From Username, Photo Poll.

    Can you at least allow us to use Tellurim? I think it's a great style that would really make you add-ons stand out and give it more of a community feel and not hide your content! Like I said and @joey_tbf agree, the current style really makes it difficult to follow the content on here!

    And please move Latest Threads, Related Thread below the post?

    Hope you take this constructive criticism into consideration!
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  5. joey_tbf

    joey_tbf - Aug 17, 2017 Active Member VIP Member

    we want better forum skin! we want better forum skin!