Goodbye Paypal, Banks, Payoneer, Skrill. Hello Bitcoin!

  1. joey_tbf

    joey_tbf - Dec 11, 2015 Active Member VIP Member

    I am so tired of paypal, payoneer, skrill, and most of all..... I am tried of BANKS & governments around the world.

    Banks are full of fees, 50 bucks to send money overseas, 50 bucks to receive! fees to have a bank account,

    fees for using your card, fees fees fees!

    If you are a poor person, you cannot even afford a bank account, because they want you to pay too many fees!

    With bitcoin, anyone can use it, even if you are poor.

    it's so expensive and i hate banks. If i want to send money to anyone in the world, it's very hard and expensive,

    always having so much trouble,

    It's time to get away from paypal and the banks,

    Today i bought my 1st Bitcoin!

    Now, I am able to send money to anyone in the world without fees or asking for identification, or waiting a long time.

    I really believe bitcoin is the future. The banks and governments don't give a shit about us. They are only good at stealing our money.

    Bitcoin is already starting to be accepted by many stores around the world
    As bitcoin gets more and more popular, we won't need banks anymore!

    I bought my first bitcoin from:

    Don't use:, they are theifs and it is not a good website, it is regulated and they track you.

    i am happy, i bought my first bitcoin! i suggest everyone to start using bitcoin


    Here are so good photos





    if anyone needs help on how to buy bitcoin, i can teach you,

    for a beginner, it is difficult to understand, but after you learn,

    it is very easy!

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  2. Adzkii

    Adzkii - Dec 11, 2015 New Member

  3. joey_tbf

    joey_tbf - Apr 28, 2017 Active Member VIP Member

    I started this thread in 2015! when bitcoin was at about 300$usd

    2 years later! bitcoin has kept skyrocketing! $1342 usd!

    Bitcoin is the future!


  4. joey_tbf

    joey_tbf - Aug 17, 2017 Active Member VIP Member

    4,286! unbelievable!

    doesn't look like it's stopping

  5. Krolik

    Krolik - Nov 27, 2017 New Member

    Yes, it's true. Bitcoin is very popular now. This is a good way to earn more money. I learned a good guide to bitcoins (here is the link -, advise this site to any newcomer) and the day before yesterday I invested for the first time in Bitcoin. Today he broke a new record. I hope his growth will continue! :)