Information "Gratitude to Customers" get extra 6 months for Standard Membership

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    Brivium - Sep 15, 2014 XenForo Services Staff Member


    Brivium the company has received a lot of attentions, support, positive feedbacks and trust of many domestic and abroad customers in recent times. These are great motivation and encouragement so that we could develop and improve more products with the best quality to better serve to Brivium's customers.

    At Aug 29, 2014 we have officially announced the new terms of use Brivium memberships. Which you buy STANDARD membership, then you will get free support and product updates for 12 months. But the new policy changes will NOT affect old customers with purchases before 30 August 2014. If you bought any Brivium products before this date, you still get 6 months of support and product update for the STANDARD membership.

    In order to express our deep gratitude to all customers, from Sep 15th 2015 Brivium bring an extra 6 months (applying automated) for Standard membership that purchased before 30 August 2014. Gratitude to customers is also one of the customer care activities that Brivium will maintain and promote in the near future.

    We hope you will find these terms satisfactory and look forward to the pleasure of your order. Let us know if you didn't get it by submit a ticket.
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