Helium Help - Create Thread button too dark to see text content.

  1. Jon Scanlon

    Jon Scanlon - Sep 7, 2018 New Member

    Hi Lisa,

    Been using your Helium style the last 2 weeks and it's been great - thank you.
    A few things though with the text and background of the Create New Thread button - it's too dark to read and is out of step with the rest of the style.

    the best example I can show you is the front page of my current working site : Bali Forums . com

    The button on the far right, after 'New Posts', has no text visible.
    I can see where to change it in 'Appearances' within the Admin panel of XenForo, but the style won't allow me to change it. I get an 'Oops' error each time.
    Similarly, when I attempt to use Smilies anywhere in any post, I get the same 'Oops' error. If I take the Smilies out of the post and try again, I can post OK.


    with thanks

  2. Lisa Nguyen

    Lisa Nguyen - Sep 7, 2018 Brivium Tester Staff Member


    Please submit a ticket to Technical Department which contains your license and an admin account to resolve this issue for you? Otherwise, I really can't do very much from outside of your system.

    Many thanks!
  3. Jon Scanlon

    Jon Scanlon - Sep 7, 2018 New Member

    Thanks Lisa.