How do you remove pages that are under the forums?

  1. Horris

    Horris - Sep 7, 2016 New Member

    Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask this but I was wondering how you remove the pages that are under the forums.

    Note I want the page to remain but the link under the forums to be gone.

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  2. Pacco

    Pacco - Sep 11, 2016 New Member VIP Member

    If you liked to fade out it only optically you make about display none.
    Code: {
        display: none !important;
    Every forum has own ID.
    The last number determines the Forum-ID, in this case 13


    Because you have put on here, however, probably own homepage the code will be so about with you.
    Also here you must find the right ID!!
    Example here ID 219

    Code: {
        display: none;
    If you use "Hompage", you can unselected here

    Screenshot 2016-09-11 095443
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