Make Credits Premium compatible with XenMediaGallery XMG

  1. joey_tbf

    joey_tbf - Aug 29, 2014 Active Member VIP Member

    66_01 Hello. This is a feature i would love to see or add-on.

    1. I want to be able to give credits to users everytime someone uploads a photo/video. Or comments/likes a photo/video.

    2. I also want to be able to give users credits everytime someone views the photo. So for example if i upload a photo/video everytime someone views it i would get 1 credit.

    So if after several months my photo has been viewed 1000 times i would get 1000 credits

    1 credit for every view or half credit for every view depending on what i want to set it as.

    In XMG you can already see how many times a photo/video has been viewed.


    I dont use the default xenforo image hosting as it doesnt have many features. I use XMG as it has many features and it is a good add-on.

    Is this possible now??

    If not. Are you planning on adding this in the future?
  2. Brivium

    Brivium - Aug 30, 2014 XenForo Services Staff Member


    Currrently, we don't support your requested features. If you want to have there features. We'd like to offer a custom work service to solve it.

  3. joey_tbf

    joey_tbf - Aug 31, 2014 Active Member VIP Member

    Ok. I am interested in custom work.

    I will submit a ticket.
  4. joey_tbf

    joey_tbf - Apr 10, 2015 Active Member VIP Member

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