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    Brivium - Feb 7, 2015 XenForo Services Staff Member

    Do you really concern about earning money online? If you are its faithful, you should know about Affiliate Program, a very popular way to earn money online in the Internet in our era.

    By giving you the empowerment, we hope that this combination will create a new way to push up our sales and develop our reputation. In the general trend, Brivium is pleased to announce that we have launched the new program - The Affiliate Program, which is a new program to build a new ecosystem around Brivium and who may concern about revenue sharing program.

    Overall, Brivium Affiliate Program is a program based on the revenue sharing model via a third party and you could participate in this progress as a connecting bridge between producers (us) and the purchasers.

    So what are the special things of becoming our affiliates?

    Rising your income
    An integral part of any Affiliate program is that the income or the percentage of commissions that affiliate could receive. In Brivium, we offer for every affiliate up to 35% of sales commission. It is a very reasonable price in the XenForo market and it will bring to all the Affiliates a significant income.

    Simple method, easy to start
    You want to start online business with us on the Internet but you don’t know how to start. Don’t worry, the system we created is kept at the simplest condition as we can to make your work is easy. Everything you need to do is go to our website for Affiliate (; if you have had an account in Brivium, you can log-in directly and paste the link of products into the blank and render it to receive the code of products. In the next time, if you share that link on another sites and customers click on that link, our system will log and record all. You see, it’s very simple for start, right?

    No responsible of products and supporting
    Because you are our Affiliate, so outside the commission you can receive, we are NOT binding you with any rules we set on our products. It means all of your jobs are referring to people know and lead to buy our products (add-ons and styles) without having any responsible with any case happened during the purchase and delivery of products. With each of successful transaction, it will be logged automatically in our system and you could earn and receive money once a month. And one more thing you should know is that all the XenForo services need the big support in any approach. To deal with it, we must work very hard, you are not responsible for any damage or loss of the customers as soon as your transactions you introduce had ended. We, the developer, are fully liable for the supporting and fixing or any rising case of products.

    Intelligent and comprehensive recording systems
    This point you could totally agree with us. We do not use any system of the third party for this Affiliate Program. This system was built by ourselves to make sure that it satisfied our technology requirements and the hardest customers.

    The more customers you can find, the more money you can earn
    The commission is not fixed and it might be changed in the future. So if you could refer to us more customers as you can, so your commission might be changed. We will consider that situation in the far future.

    So are you excited in our program? If you are considering a partner for a long term contract, we deserve with your choice. Come and become our affiliate. You will not regret with what you could have!
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    i am interested in this!
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