1. Realystic

    Realystic - Dec 22, 2015 New Member

    Is there a way for members to be able to manage their Shortened URL's once created both custom and generic? And check performance of their shortened links. also some type of mod for advanced profiles to be able to set custom path for member profile pages if they own the URL Shorten Software. aka

    http://domain.com/u/name each time they come to the page vs the longer version.

    Also have the ablity for members to check stats via permission system for groups.

    another feature that would be good is if we can attach an advertisement between shortened urls, with the ablity to set what that page or ad looks like, as well how many seconds it runs for before going onto the next page. I have this with another script out side of xenforo now but would love the feature as part of this mod.

    Also seems to be a bug if someone makes custom short url, then forgets to copy it before clicking ok, when they click get short url again on profile page it just shows new random numbers. It would be nice for example on profile pages that once a short url is made say for profile page, that the short link shows up in the left side bar so that other users can copy the aready shorted link to say clip board with a copy button if possible and or visually see the already shorted link if created vs trying to make a new one.

    This would save users making 1000s of short links over and over again. As it stands it doesn't do that. or allow get short url only to be made so many times on a persons profile both for custom url or random. set in permissions.

    so far looks nice, but for both admin and or members it would be nice to have more control over stats, as this would build more value for the service on my site if I wanted to include it say with a premium package. As well as for interest say from people wanting to advertise on the site via this method. Etc.
  2. Brivium

    Brivium - Dec 23, 2015 XenForo Services Staff Member

    Thank you very much for your suggestion . We always appreciate innovative ideas. Your suggestion is very interesting.

    We are going to study it thoroughly and decide on the best way for implementing it.

    Please keep on sharing ideas that will help us improve our services and processes.

    Thank you again for your valued input.
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  3. oO5 Dynasty

    oO5 Dynasty - Feb 15, 2016 New Member


    Was the update made to this ass-on to keep the Member profile pages URL the same after they change it. I would love to shorten the Urls on all my members profile pages and it will clean up the long urls we have right now. But I would like it if we changed the url and we dont have to change it again unless we want toooo.
  4. Brivium

    Brivium - Feb 17, 2016 XenForo Services Staff Member

    I'm regret but we can't do that. Caused on risks on live environment.