Information Molybdenum Style - Help to Fix 5 Mistakes When Picking up Styles

  1. Brivium

    Brivium - Feb 3, 2015 XenForo Services Staff Member


    You are in a business and you are struggling with it? You don’t know how to escape and how to nurture “your own child”. Well, in thousands of reasons why you fail, there are some reasons related to your website, especially your theme of your site.

    If you choose XenForo for your site, you should know that the style of a website affects strongly to the business efficiency. A simple reason for it is that people usually notice to the formality of the site when they visit that site. And unlucky for you if your site is looked “normal”, yes I mean it, nothing to notice, nothing to remember about… Your visits, your views, even your traffic will come down miserably. And to solve this problem, we will show you some basic mistakes you could make with the site’s style which will “ruin your business to a bitter end:

    Too much colorful
    When a site was designed with too much colors, it will very hard for the users to use and they might feel glitzy and want to leave. Two or three main colors are the amazing choice for the site.

    Gaudy text font and hard to read
    Most of users prefer something easy to read. The gaudy text fonts will distract them and sometimes they make mistake because of this. Choosing simple, plain and footless font will add a plus mark in your customers’ eyes.

    Incompatible with the newest version of XenForo
    When you update the XenForo source code and do not use the compatible style, your site might be broken. The content will be disodered. And to deal with it, you should update the newest version of styles which is totally compatible with the newest version of XenForo.

    Does not support on mobile devices
    If you have the need for doing business on mobile market, and your site is ruined on it, maybe it’s the sign for you to change to another developers. The texture on mobile devices is very important and we are proud to tell you that all of our styles support for all mobile devices with the most common operating systems like iOS, Android….

    Too obsolete
    If the user cannot combine two or more service in the same site, that means your site is outdated. It means you need to adjust your style.

    And our pride is that we can fix all those mistakes above and come up with the best style product for you. It is our honor to introduce to you our newest style “Molybdenum”. Molybdenum style with just 2 main colors “brown and yellow” completely meet your need if you are falling in love with something simple but still elegant. Simply text font is very easy to read; the version newest version is 1.4.3 which is totally compatible with XenForo 1.4.3. And last but not least, the design carries the breath of modern life with the suitable arrangement of categories, forums…

    So, what are you waiting for? Please stop by to check out and update the newest style of us: Molybdenum.