1. trigatch4

    trigatch4 - May 14, 2015 New Member

    Right now the "Post Comments" add-on only allows for 1 level of comments. Would it be possible (similar to Reddit) to allow nested comments so that people can comment on comments? And then comment on those comments? So it goes 4 or 5 levels deep?
  2. Brivium

    Brivium - May 18, 2015 XenForo Services Staff Member

    I'm sorry to say but right now We aren't planning to add this feature to our add-on. This will break current add-on structure.

    If you want a nested comments add-on, I'd like to offer you a custom work service to develop an exclusive add-on.

  3. Ludachris

    Ludachris - Jan 19, 2018 New Member

    I'm trying to implement a Reply link on each comment. The functionality would be the same as if the user clicked the Comment link on the post. It would just add another comment to the post. I added this code to the BRCEP_comment_item template next to the Like link:
    <xen:if is="{$post.canComment}">
    <a href="{xen:link posts/br-add-comment,$post}"
    class="BriviumCommentPoster item control comment" 
    <span>{xen:phrase reply}</span>
    It's resulting in multiple comments being posted when you click on it and post a reply. Is there a way to modify the code to make it work correctly?
  4. Lisa Nguyen

    Lisa Nguyen - Jan 19, 2018 Brivium Tester Staff Member

    Hello @Ludachris,

    Could you please submit a ticket to Technical Department which contains your license and an admin account to resolve your issue? Otherwise, I really can't do very much from outside of your system.

    Many thanks,