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    Brivium - Aug 29, 2014 XenForo Services Staff Member

    Dear valued Brivium customers,

    We’d like to inform you that since 30 August 2014 our Terms of Use policy will be changed as following:
    • If you buy STANDARD membership, then you will get free support and product updates for 12 months.
    • All recurring membership packages (STANDARD/PROFESSIONAL) will be changed to non-recurring.
    The main reason why we decided to increase support and product updates period is we received to many complains about 6 months support and product update is too little. With this kind of update rate, you will get stable and performing product continually. It also means that you get the products compatible product version with latest XenForo ontime.

    Besides, We met many issues to offer a discount policy while use recurring membership packages. It also causes difficulties for Brivium customers when extend or cancel subscription.

    To express our thanks to all of you, we have re-arranged our products packages in order to bring you with amazing value. See how you can spend wisely with our XenForo addons and XenForo styles - that is the right direction for you to go! And we drawn packages comparison as below to helps you get in touch with intuition.


    The new policy changes will NOT affect old customers with purchases before 30 August 2014. If you bought any Brivium products before this date, you still get 6 months of support and product update for the STANDARD membership.

    If you have any thoughts or comments please share with us.
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