1. dualz

    dualz - Dec 7, 2016 New Member


    First off love this system very useful.

    I am however having an issue, here is a break down:

    I have setup all the departments with permissions trait for divisions.
    Now each of the department i have revoked the "View All Tickets" for registered members BUT they can post tickets.

    The problem is that since it is done like this, if a staff member uses the "Open New Ticket" and sets a Registered Member as the "Recipient" that person cannot see the ticket at all.

    Unless i remove the "View All Tickets" moderator right.

    which i dont want to do cause then Registered Members can see everyones tickets in that department.
    this is a simple bug that shouldnt be there, as since the Open New Ticket is just like Submit New Ticket except staff do it on their behalve, say for complaints.

    im hoping this can be fixed / resolved.