Referral Cookies doesn't work. Cookies doesn't remember username

  1. joey_tbf

    joey_tbf - Nov 15, 2015 Active Member VIP Member

    I test the referral add-on on soehoe's website. My referral link is:

    #1 The problem is the cookies do not work. If i navigate away from the referral link then the name joey_tbf disappear

    I think most guest want to see the website first, if they like it then they will register.

    So it is important that the name is remembered even if the guest navigate away from the page. or close the website. I think the name should appear even the next day or next week.
    It should not disappear unless they delete their cookies.

    Here is an example in gif.

    #2 I think referral name should be locked if they click on referral link. So it means if guest click on referral link he cannot delete username from box, it will be locked

    #3 I think we should have the option to pick the landing page for the referral link.

    So in my choice i would pick referral link to go homepage.

    Now --------go to ------->

    I want to go to homepage --------go to ------->
    cookie remembers username

    why? Well because most guests will want to look around the website first, if they like it, then they will sign up.

    I think no one will sign up up from register page. I ALWAYS check website first then, sign up.

    This is why i think it is important for cookies to remember username

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  2. Doublespaces

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    This exactly...