1. jimsweb

    jimsweb - Jun 1, 2016 New Member


    Could anyone please tell me how credit withdrawal works?

    Suppose, user x has $10 in his account and he withdraws it. Will this $10 be moved to his paypal account immediately or the admin has to manually perform the paypal transaction for this user?? Please help me to understand this.
  2. joey_tbf

    joey_tbf - Jun 1, 2016 Active Member VIP Member

    Once he clicks on withdraw credits, the credits will automatically be removed from his user account,

    the admin will receive a notification that a user has withdrawn credits,

    the admin now has to manually send him money to the account the user has requested (in your case paypal)

    the admin then has to manually click on "payment completed"

    the user will receive a notification that his payment is completed

    that is all, there is no feature to automatically pay a member once he withdraws credits, i wouldn't want that type of feature,

  3. jimsweb

    jimsweb - Jun 2, 2016 New Member

    thank you