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  1. randydrew6

    randydrew6 - Apr 3, 2015 Member

    Hi Guys, I run a website and develope bots for specific websites. My bots are more advance than any other bot of the specific sites I bot. We recently redesigned our site using Xenforo. My bots are created in .NET (C#)
    We offer bots for:
    • Bing Rewards
    • Swagbucks
    • InstaGC
    • GiftHulk
    • eBesucher
    • ZoomBucks
    • RadioLoyalty
    • Neobux
    • SuperPoints
    I am the owner and developer of Rogue Labs. These bots are also available to Rogue Club members on (The Largest Money Making Forum)
  2. joey_tbf

    joey_tbf - Apr 14, 2015 Active Member VIP Member

    I like the style and your logo is interesting.

    Is it a robot's face?


    When i registered i received an alert but the alert was empty. I'm guessing it was supposed to say "you got 1 dollar for registering"? because i looked in the forum transaction but the alert was empty.

    I'm not advanced in the bot computer world. So i'm not sure what the bots do.

    But cool website.

    Good Luck :rock:
  3. Im not sure about the logo, It was made by the founder a long time ago. You can just look up the websites I listed to see what they're about. Basically they are sites to earn money. The bots just automate those tasks. Don't need to be good with computers lol
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  4. emailsnipper

    emailsnipper - Apr 30, 2017 New Member VIP Member

    And rejected registering cause it looked like autobot (even I have passed the Google captcha) ...