1. emailsnipper

    emailsnipper - May 1, 2017 New Member VIP Member

    I have some ideas for this game to upgrade in future. Hope this can help this add-on become real and famous add-on then :D

    1. Admin can edit/set computer's balance to limit of computer betting.
      Example: Admin config computer's balance: 100$, then computer can not loose more than 100$
    2. A small box to display computer's balance left (current computer's balance)
    3. Auto accept challenge (betting amount must smaller or equal to user's balance credit).
    4. Cancel request challenge which is waiting for accepting.
    5. Display a list of challenge waiting for play so member can join to challenge instantly.
    6. When challenge with Computer, click on Rock, Scissor, Paper, Random will play the bet directly without click on PLAY BUTTON
    7. Play game with INSURANCE or NOT INSURANCE
      - Player can choose amount of credit for INSURANCE or NOT INSURANCE for this game.
      - If choose INSURANCE then there will some case happen:
      Case WIN result: player will loose all INSURANCE, and win betting amount.
      Case LOSE result: player will win amount of INSURANCE, and loose all betting amount.
      - If choose NO INSURANCE then the game will play as normal role.
    8. Replace text phrase with beauty + modern icon for: WIN/LOST, Paper, Scissor, Rock in play history.
    9. Automatically limit betting amount smaller or equal to player's balance credit.
    10. Refuse any bet with betting amount smaller (-1, -3, -10 ...) or equal to 0 (zero).
    11. Display game static for various rank at the same time on slide bar. (currently the static is selecting option)
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