1. joey_tbf

    joey_tbf - Feb 20, 2015 Active Member VIP Member

    There is some important features missing from this forum.

    1. Alerts.
    When i come visit this forum. The alerts is hidden. Usually on every forum there is a Red Alert. We can see how many alerts there is. But in your forum you have to go to "Customer" and then see if there is alerts. It would be easier to have the alerts show up beside the customer. Or the default way as in every forum

    Your Forum (No Alerts)
    no alerts

    2. Mark Forums Read, Watched Forum, Watched Threads, New Posts
    All of these links are missing! They are very important. Can you plase fix your website so we can see these. I always wanted to click on Mark Forums Read & New Posts but i cannot find them! They are hidden.
    sub nav

    3. Your Forum List is TOO LONG.
    I always come to this forum and i have to scroll all the way down. The Add-ons List & Styles List is TOO Long.
    I only use the add-ons so everyday i have to see the list of styles. I find it very annoying. I clicked on this button:

    They close the Styles Forums. But when i return to visit the forum next time. They do NOT work. So every time i come back to visit the forum. I always have to close it. Can you fix the arrow? Maybe make it work by cookies. So every time i come back. It is always closed or also you could make 2 forums and then put all your Styles & Add-ons Support in the 2 forums. This would make the forum looker nicer.


    These are some suggestions. If anyone have more suggestions. Please add them here!

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  2. Chang Lee

    Chang Lee - Feb 25, 2015 XenForo Expert Staff Member

    Dear Serverguy,

    Thanks for your very much for all suggestions. It should be corrected now.