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  1. Brivium

    Brivium - Dec 27, 2014 XenForo Services Staff Member


    A new style will be in your list if you pick up this style - Strontium. We will list below 5 points that you can’t miss with this style:

    Bright color
    Strontium was designed by the blue as the main color. Unlike other styles, the background of this style is white which helps to highlight the blue.

    Simple but powerful texture
    The Search box is put at the same row with the main tabs and in the navigation bar. The Alert and Message is put next to the logo of forum and the account of user is put at the top right corner of site. It is ensured that users could feel the most comfortable when they use the site.

    Easy adjustment and responsive layout
    Like many styles we created before, Strontium is very easy to switch from tab to tab and you can go and change the background easily with our support for certain options.

    Be inspired by Scotland

    Strontium is named after the Scottish village of Strontian, having been discovered in the ores taken from the lead mines there. One thing that is very interesting you should know about is that the national flag of Scotland is blue. And the Scotland is a part of a big island, where is surround by the endless ocean which is blue too.

    Resonable price
    With just only $35, you can own the standard package of this style. Of course, you can update it to Lifetime or Professional package whenever you want.

    So, what are you waiting for? Please stop by to check out and update the newest style of us: Strontium.