Stylium Framework breaks Session Activity?

  1. register715

    register715 - Dec 13, 2016 New Member

    Hey guys,

    I'm having a problem with my forum and curious if anyone else has come across this.. I have two Brivium themes installed, and with that comes their Stylium Framework add-on. When I have it enabled my forum is unable to update user's activity to properly show where on the forum they are (instead EVERYONE is just marked as "Viewing forum list" no matter where they actually are.

    I'm sure other folks here use the Users Viewing Thread add-on, have you found a fix for this?

    Edit: So after playing around for a while I'm stumped. If I switch to the Stylium Framework as my theme, all of my session activity updates properly. If I choose either of the two actual Styles from Brivium, it breaks again and I'm always viewing forum list.
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