1. Realystic

    Realystic - Apr 29, 2015 New Member

    I have some suggested features for this Add-ons.

    Profile Display Name:
    When a person registers an account they have their username as normal, but then in advanced profile settings make it possible for the user to Set a Display Name at the top of the page.
    • Set First Name & Last Name
    • Show First Name Only
    • Show Last Name Only
    • Show First Name First & Last Name
    • Show Last Name & Then First Name
    • Option for Middle Names
    • Permissions, Allow if Usergroup Can Have Display Name or Username Only
    • Permissions, Allow User to change Display Name
    • Setting for Admins to Revert Display Name or Report / Flag Names.

    Multiple Profile Pictures:
    When someone clicks a persons profile Image on profile page, it would be cool if it was possible to have lightbox show up with multiple profile images.
    • Allow Users to Upload more than one profile image (not avatar image)
    • Ability To Comment, Like, On Profile Images Uploaded
    • Ability to have profile image ad_hook to hook banner below comments on profile image when it pops out. Again not sure how complex this would be.
    • Permissions: Allow users to have profile image (standard)
    • Permissions: Allow user to use multiple profile images, most current image being what is shown on profile page.
    • Permissions: Unlimited Images, or Set Number of Profile Images
    Again this for the users profile picture not images uploaded to timeline. Kinda like facebook when you click someones avatar/profile picture it brings up light box with images.

    Another Mod Idea:
    This is separate from advanced profile posts addon, but maybe could link to it. Make a mod that makes the first page you login when you login to the site the Activity News Feed Page respective of your account and friends that follow you etc, privacy and other permissions. Then in Advanced Profile Posts being able to toggle loading your Activity Feed when you first login or your profile page when you first login. Vs say the forum home, or cms on the site.

    Anyway just thinking out loud. For those of us that run more social driven sites vs say just as a forum with xenforo.

    Cheers! The most important addon I'd like to see is the Profile Display Names, I get asked more by users that than any other feature.
  2. Brivium

    Brivium - May 1, 2015 XenForo Services Staff Member

    At the moment, all I can say is the suggestion has been made and it will be considered at some point in the future.

    Thanks for your suggestion.