1. fmsc88

    fmsc88 - Oct 9, 2016 Member VIP Member

    Every time someone donates paypal charges a fee.

    Please add feature so we can add as admin the paypal fee.
    It's very complicated to explain to user why must pay +0.78$

    I use the addon for products and i need however the fees option please

  2. Lisa Nguyen

    Lisa Nguyen - Oct 12, 2016 Brivium Tester Staff Member

    Dear @fmsc88,

    Thank you a lot for your information you gave us. We always try to assist our patrons in their various research projects, although the small size of our staff often prevents us from following up on specific kinds of inquiries. Based on that situation, we hope that you can understand that and try in the next time.

    Best regards,
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