[Suggestion] Receive Credit When Referral Buys Usergroup

  1. It would be amazing if users of my forum could invite their friends and get something for it if that friend decides to join the Supporter group on my forum by spending either 8.99 Credits of $8.99. If you could make it so if a user spends credits or real money and we could set how much of a percentage goes to the person that referred.

    Do I have any support?
  2. joey_tbf

    joey_tbf - Jan 13, 2016 Active Member VIP Member

  3. That would work, it would be ideal if you could just set a percentage of your referral spending to go to you in credit. At the moment the ref system is useless because it doesn't do what it should do, bring more members to your forum. No one is going to advertise their link if they only get a one time point gain and im not going to give out a lot of points if the users aren't spending money on my forum.
  4. joey_tbf

    joey_tbf - Jan 26, 2016 Active Member VIP Member

    I agree with that. The old version of referral add-on is useless because it doesnt give any incentive for members to advertise their referral link.

    But me and soehoe donated money so they can improve and add the feature you requested.


    I'm not sure why brivium has not released the updated add-on.

    The new version has the feature you requested. You can ask brivium to release it.