1. eriche

    eriche - Apr 23, 2015 Member


    I think it would be a good idea to mark Referral Codes or Users as Promotion Referrals :rock:.
    When I say users, I mean their referral code.

    Then new members using this promotion referral codes, get more credits and/or other priviledges.
    So a list where the Admin in the ACP can configure the thing like following would be nice:
    • Select the User, and/or the User Group which has promotion referral code.
      • maybe no user is neccessary when generating of a system referral promotion Code is possible
    • specify a limit - lets say promotion code is valid for 100 new members
    • Select a timeperiode how long the promotion is active
    This system would make the referral Credits System even more interesting ;)
    From time to time I would make a promotion to get new members, or I would print flyers with the promotion code.

  2. SoeHoe

    SoeHoe - Apr 24, 2015 Active Member

    How a very good suggestion. This is a very good way to encourage both parties. Hope @Brivium will implement this good suggestion.