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    Hi guys,

    Brivium is going to a new journey of technology where everything is making to adapt much more aspects of lives and I am pretty sure that mobile era has come recently. What does this means?

    Oh, if I get it right, you will understand my point of views. That means the new generation users require the consistency of using apps on mobile phones and on the websites. They need to learn fast to use that kinds of applications or even playing games with the highest speed without taking too much time to research or finding about what is in where…

    By reaching that request, Google has developed a new trend called “Material Design”. In fact that this tendency is leaded to a new change all over the world with the technology followers. They ask at developers the high responsive and a system of motion.

    With our appetite to give our beloved customers the best products and service attitudes, we are pleased to be one of the pioneers in “Material Design” Industry. Based on the great innovative design of Google, Brivium have created a new style “Tellurium” using “Material Design” principles for users.


    Tellurium brings in itself all the characteristics needed to have with a “Material style”:
    - Using an unique color for the whole web “dark blue”
    - Flat, simple but understandable icons: The navigation bar is simplified maximum to create an easy experience for new users.
    - Interface is flat, has little or no color transitions, with or without black shadow effects
    - All of Menus, buttons, scripts ... have much empty blanks so it looks airy.

    In Tellurium, you could see a perfect combination between the latest innovative design and XenForo platform. It is nothing better than using a XenForo website with Google experience: Faster; Simplier and Easier. The style will ensure that your end users have an amazing journey with your web by optimizing user experiences.

    You are a developer and you want to raise your web traffic via mobile phones or other devices no matter what platform users are using? Pick up this XenForo styles as soon as possible and explore your new stylist move! This performance style won’t let you down!

    You are hungry for chance, huh? Okay, we will launch it in the recent time, wait with us!

    >>>>> Catch up the newest information about Brivium and our products by pressing button of Following in the Homepage!

    I hope you could be proud to use our services!
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    Làm sao để test được cái skin này nhỉ
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    Thanks for the information !