1. Michael

    Michael - Jan 24, 2015 New Member

    So I hope this is just a rookie mistake with this plugin but it doesn't seem to be and a design issue. It should be able to be fixed without too much trouble, I think.

    1) The plugin only noindexes posts in forums you don't want indexed, not the forum pages themselves and the pages of posts in the forum to be indexed.

    2) rel=canonical tags are left on the pages that are supposed to be noindexed. This is bad practice as it sends two messages to Google. Since this may be another template to modify, I would guess that a conditional statement might need to be entered regarding whether a thread is or is not noindexed.

    While I'd like to continue using the plugin that I bought yesterday, I'm hoping that this is a setup mistake by me and, if not, that this is remedied. Otherwise, the process requires manual setup for the entire process. Thanks for your consideration.
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  2. Brivium

    Brivium - Jan 26, 2015 XenForo Services Staff Member

    Dear Michael,

    1. Could you please give me a screenshot of your option page ?
    2. I don't know you request. Why rel=Canonical relates with this addon ?

  3. Michael

    Michael - Feb 5, 2015 New Member

    1. The option page isn't the issue. The results to do what I propose above isn't made part of the plugin.

    2. As mentioned above, it's one or the other, not both. It's like fire and ice. When you noindex, you send a message you don't want something indexed. Canonical implies a page should be indexed but using a certain URL. It's contradictory. There is also no way to remove all the pages that are part of the forum, only the pages themselves. I had to create some custom coding and put it in the header to get this done. I recommend doing this.. Hope you understand and feel free to continue to ask if something isn't clear.

    I have to respond to the request for the exchange and will do that now, thanks and apologize for the delay. Thanks again for understanding.