Credits 1 Two Separate Currencies - is this possible?

  1. ekhpublishing

    ekhpublishing - May 21, 2014 New Member

    I purchased this addon a week or so ago. I've been vigorously searching through discussions on the free and paid credits addons but can't find the answer to my question, so here goes.

    Straight forward, this is what i want to do. Two currencies: Credits and Points.

    1. Credits would be set dollar for dollar with a minimum withdraw limit of $50.00. This is so that my members can sell products and services to each other and be paid in "Credits" which can be redeemed for real money through paypal - when their minimum limit of $50.00 is reached.

    2. Points would be a separate currency and exclusively used for members to use throughout the site.

    Is this possible? and if so, please tell me how I can set this up.

    I've recently setup the Store Framework to be used for members to sell products and services to each.

  2. Brivium

    Brivium - May 21, 2014 XenForo Services Staff Member


    Thanks for your purchasing our product. As answered your question, we confirm that you can do this.
    #1: - You can disable almost events except Withdraw, Paypal Payment Reverted or Refunded Payment and events for sell products and services.
    - And set minimum withdraw value at currency setting.

    #2: - Backwards, you enable almost events to allow your users earn money for their activities.

  3. ekhpublishing

    ekhpublishing - May 23, 2014 New Member

    this really is of no help at. I tried to do as you said, however, it simply will not allow me to set up the things I requested.

    Surely, after all the time that credit lite and credit premium addon has been out you must have some sort of useful documentation especially for something that claims to be simple.

    I have thoroughly read over the discussions of both addons and basically all of it focuses on explaining the features, however the details of how to set up and actually is useless to a beginner and intermediate!

    I understand that most programmers are very detailed when it comes to explaining the FEATURES of their addons, however, how to set them up and use them is missing. That's why programmers need to have somone write the instructions or documents that users need.

    FYI: Buyers care about 2 things:

    1. What will this do for me?
    2. How do i get it set up and use it?
    and then, explain the features.

    I see that no documentation, nor real and understandable instructions have yet to be provided. Those documentation has been promised since Credits Lite and you yet to provide any documentation.

    At this point I'm asking myself why did i even pay for this addon?

    I know there are many others that feel the same way!

    It is annoying to say the least that support tickets or posting to forums is used in place of any actual helpful instructions.

    i hope you have made a priority of getting to writing out the documentation for this VERY soon or i will be asking for a refund. This product seems to be incrediiblle, but it's pointless if there aren't better instructions/documentation on how to how to actually use it
  4. Brivium

    Brivium - May 23, 2014 XenForo Services Staff Member

    As our descriptions on addon page, we told that our product allows third party products to create new action to trigger credits. We didn't promise a documentation for end-users. But for your request, we will consider to write out the documentation but this will be completed on longtime. If you can't patience to wait it or you feel wasted money for this addon, you can submit ticket to request refund money. We will refund for you.

  5. ekhpublishing

    ekhpublishing - Jun 22, 2014 New Member

    In response the above comment: "We didn't promise a documentation for end-users."

    At the bottom of 3. Manage Rules/Actions

    - Especially for allow third party products to create new action (See developer's documentation)
    - Besides this allow to import/export Action settings.

    Perhaps i misunderstood. If so, please point me to "developer's documentation" specifically mentioned on the lite edition of credits - dated
    First Release: Jan 24, 2013.

    I'm not trying to be difficult or create a problem for you.

    I have found you to be, for the most part anyway, very helpful, extremely courteous and genuinely concerned for your reputation.


    But you would help your customers and increase your income from many satisfied customers if you made a priority of putting together a manual or some quick video tutorials.

    I was ready to purchase your resource addon for credits premium, but common sense demanded my attention - what's the point in paying for another super sounding addon when I'm still trying to figure out how to use this one.

    you could solve this problem very easily by outsourcing the project using

    that said - and i apologize for any offense you have taken.

    ONE MORE THING: And it is a very important thing. and it has been brought to your attention on the xenforo forums.

    it's this. there are many instances of very poor wording (an example is "you lost" x amount - it should read something like, "you purchased x product for x amount - your balance is"

    I understand that english isn't your first language, but from what i'm reading on the xenforo resources forum - english is most of your customers first language".

    Please don't get me wrong. I'm not read to request a refund yet, but neither will i purchase another addon from you until i can actually understand how to use this one.

    I'm sure you're very busy so perhaps you could give me some idea of where to find the phrases so that i can change them myself so that my english speaking users will be able to understand what credits is all about.

    thanks you,
  6. ekhpublishing

    ekhpublishing - Jul 12, 2014 New Member

    This was posted may 23rd and still no reply. Does this mean you will not amend the poor wording into understandable english - nor tell me where the phrases are so that I can correct the words that must be changed myself? A little help here please.