1. Chordash

    Chordash - Jul 23, 2014 New Member


    When getting everything configured to my needs, I noticed some interesting behaviour with the current implementation of upload and download limits. In my testing, I set the “Time limit on upload/download attachments” to 5 minutes and the “Maximum download counts in limit time” to 5. When posting however, I found that if my current post count was any value under 5, I could include a number of attachments greater than a value of 5 and successfully post. While the limit would then take effect after making the post, I was still able to post more than the imposed limit within the given time limit.

    Additionally when the limit is hit, while there is a notification that you have reached your limit upon trying to download an attachment, there is no notification or error informing you you’ve reached the upload limit. This will lead to some frustrated users since there is no feedback as to why their upload is failing.

    Those issues aside, there are some related features I’d enjoy seeing implemented. It would be very much appreciated if you could separate the upload and download limits into two separate permission sets. I’d like to limit people’s upload and download rates, though I don’t wish them to have to sacrifice one privilege for the other. On a related note, I would love a method to control not the number of downloads or uploads initiated, but the amount of data they upload or download in a given time period. The files we deal with can range of a couple hundred kB to a handful of MBs. I want to give users the flexibility to upload larger files but not have to worry about people abusing the opportunity.

    Those are just a few thing that I think could help add a lot of value to the add-on.

    Thank you,