Upon pondering the question, I'll stay

  1. PhantomOfNyx

    PhantomOfNyx - Apr 26, 2015 New Member VIP Member

    Hi there @Brivium
    I must admit, I got very worried in relation to the backdoor, but you claim to have removed that
    (and tbh I haven't checked) So I'm going to trust you on that one

    everyone deserves a second chance, so why not, but even though you are no longer on Xenforo would I like to remind you it's a good idea to stay competetive, "especially because you're not on there anymore"

    there is popping up new addons every day, and some of them add both more functionality and features than your addons for a lower price ( I suggest taking a bit of time browsing trough them )

    but beside that, you haven't let me down yet, so you get another chance from here

    with love
  2. joey_tbf

    joey_tbf - Apr 26, 2015 Active Member VIP Member

    There was never actually any evidence of backdoors in any of Brivium's add-ons. No developer came forward and showed us.
    It was all rumors. The only truth was he did own a website that distrubuated pirated copies of xenforo.
    He had to leave xenforo because of the pirated xenforo website not because of backdoors.

    I agree :clap:

    Brivium hasn't let me down either.
    In fact, ever since he left xenforo things have gotten better.
    The forum is more open. We can make posts and we can see everything. Before on xenforo all we had was 1 thread for an add-on. Now here we can make many threads and add our suggestions.
    I am more happy here than when brivium was on xenforo.

    Every morning my 2 sites that i visit are always Xenforo.com and Brivium.com and i will keep coming here as long as Brivium keeps giving us good service.
    I want Brivium to keep making los of add-ons. He's got some of my favourite add-ons :party:

    dislike, comment each post, media views, media credits,

    you can't find these add-ons at xenforo

    I look forward to new add-ons and new features and whats great all of his add-ons are becoming compatible together.

    It's better when add-ons are compatible with each other. If not you have to ask 2 developers to work together and sometimes it doesn't happen.
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  3. rafass

    rafass - Apr 27, 2015 Active Member

    Brivium is one of the best Xenforo Developers.
    Excellent Service, addons, skins, custom works, reasonable price etc.
    1000000000000% Recommended.
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  4. Lexy

    Lexy - Jul 1, 2015 Member

    they are banned brivium becouse he takeover all customer from bad coders like mike, jake.b and similiar buthead
  5. oO5 Dynasty

    oO5 Dynasty - Jul 17, 2015 New Member

    So a lot of people on xenforo.com told me to not mess with brivium. Can somebody explain what i have to worry about with purchasing a add-on from this site. Plus can somebody explain this backdoor thing, because i do not want my info,etc to get hacked or something. I do wanna come to this website to purchase add-ons because they look like the best ones for xenforo. I just don't want any security problems, and i also don't wanna purchase add-ons and then this website just goes out of business and we lose our money.
  6. Brivium

    Brivium - Jul 17, 2015 XenForo Services Staff Member

    Hi, we are speechless now. Don’t know what to say. Trust your instinct. What’s your instinct said is what you should follow.

    For your confused about security, please see more at https://xenforo.com/community/threads/brivium-resource-removal.92263/page-5#post-893164

    With your concern, we do promise with you that with us “Customer is King”, as it always does. And as I explained in the recent thread, we just took your URL site to check, we have not used any private information for any purpose and we ARE NOT.

    Thank you for your concern, it shows us that there is someone still out there who cares about us.

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