1. DungHoa

    DungHoa - Dec 1, 2014 Moderator Staff Member


    Hello December!

    It’s crazy to think that there is only one month left of this year (already)! But it’s a beautiful one and We are hoping that you will enjoy this holiday season to the maximum.

    December is always the hardest month in a year when everything needs to be done, many deadlines need to be met and a lot of work has been done before the holiday begins. So do you ready for this?

    Well, Brivium is always by your side, as always does. So, no hard to say, New month, new day, new date, new chapter, new page, new wishes! Welcome December!

    Do you consider what will happen this month on Brivium? If you do, now we would love to share it with you!

    This month is suggested to be a very, very busy, busy month for us, when we will release about 15 new add-ons and 4 premium styles. Especially, you cannot miss the chance to take a New Year style and Christmas Style for free this month! With a very excited design style, we all sure you will love it. Feeling tempting?

    Well, we will let you know, soon, we promise!

    So, we wish you have a happy December and keep updated with us regularly, you want to get it!
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