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    November is officially here. Can you believe it?

    Well, the winter is knocking down every door and roofs. Hope that you could find something special for this winter! When the wind is blowing and snow is falling down, you want to keep yourself inside a warm house with a cup of coffee without going down the streets.

    31 days had left, and we had worked very hard on October to create the best service and products. We had put our passion for our jobs alongside with intensity wishing you to have great days. From the Halloween Day with Manganese free style and many supports with new add-ons, we are sure that you had a vibrant and bright October.

    It is time to say goodbye for 31-day October and welcome the new days in November. Are you curious what happened at this November on Brivium? Well, this post is created to provide you the hottest news about what is going on next on Brivium.com!

    Hello November, please be warm with us!

    November welcomes you with some big news:

    For the first time in Brivium, we have officially released an E-commerce Market on XenForo. It’s an add-on with a lot of features to bring you to the Shopping Paradise. We hope that with this market, shopping will be never easy like now. Please wait with us in the next few days!

    Besides, certain styles bring you some “winter colors” in both free and paid styles. The colors of life and the colors of winter blend together like a harmony you ever never heard… Are you ready?


    From coffee aroma………


    … To the busiest rush!

    You can release, we are here to support you like a sunny day covered in cold winter!

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