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    BRIVIUM (12 November 2014) - As XenForo 1.4 nears release, the time has come to shift the primary development focus to a brand new version, which will become XenForo 2.0.

    While XenForo Teams aren't ready to go into very much detail about version 2.0 yet, they have a framework of principles and ideas that will dictate what they want to do with this version, including a host of structural changes that will improve developer productivity and code flexibility. They have already written some of the core code in order to test the viability of some of our architectural ideas, and they are excited by the progress they've made so far.

    Even a quick glance at our Suggestion Forums will show that they've had bucket loads of feedback and suggestions from customers. Sometimes, implementing these suggestions requires seriously fundamental changes to the system, with ramifications for both our own code and that of add-ons, and they don't feel that a change with such far-reaching effects is appropriate for a x.X-level release (like 1.4).

    However, a major version X.x-level release such as XenForo 2.0 gives them more latitude to make significant, sweeping changes, and changes of this magnitude should be expected throughout XenForo with the new version.

    What Kind of Changes?

    To take a specific example, let's look at the navigation. There's been a lot of feedback relating to the XenForo 1.x navigation bar, which sits just below the header, ranging from the structure of its HTML/CSS building blocks to its ability to be customized for the needs of specific sites.

    A navigation and menu manager is probably one of our most requested features. It's certainly something they've wanted to implement for ages, but they have been held back by the sheer scale of the feature and how much code would be altered to accommodate it, but XenForo 2.0 is the perfect opportunity to look at features like this. If they had implemented something like this in 1.4, there would have been an extensive list of serious backwards compatibility breaks and a lot of what would be done (by add-on developers and end users) likely would have been broken by further changes when 2.0 rolls around. While backwards compatibility issues like this have happened before, we have endeavored to keep them to a minimum in x.X-level releases.

    As development moves forward, they'll have plenty more to say about what's coming.

    PHP Requirements

    The PHP requirements of XenForo 2.0 will definitely be increasing, primarily because we want to take advantage of technologies that newer versions of PHP now offer. The current target is a minimum of PHP 5.3, but we would strongly suggest that you look at using a newer version of PHP because 5.3 has now reached its end-of-life.

    - To be Continued to be up-to-date -
    * Source: XenForo Community (Jul. 30)
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