Xenforo expert needed for customisation and mods

  1. Siddharth

    Siddharth - Sep 6, 2017 New Member

    We are looking for xenForo Developer to add 5-6 new mods to our forums.

    Here is what I need to be done for reference:

    - Custom New Thread Options

    - Reputaion System

    - Points System

    - Vote up & Vote Down for particular thread

    - Member Ranking System

    Also I want front page for my website to be coded and design for web as well as for mobile devices, The front page contains the threads titles, Username of member who posted it, time of posting thread, image which was posted along with thread etc.. in specific format. It should be similar to front page of slickdeals.net

    Also I need 1 custom field (Which should be available on create new thread page) in which once any member put link of any webpage, the user can see list of some images which was available on that page and user can select image which he/she needs to post with new thread. If any developer needs to see demo of this particular fuctionality, they can check it on Slickdeals.net, Just go to create new thread under Hot Deals section to see it in action.

    We need expert coder who can do all this. We need quality work.

    I already contacted to brivium but they are too slow so I can not explain them for project so if brivium give me any instant messenger details like Skype then we can discuss about project and better understand both end so anyone have to idea to contact brivium quickly