XenForo Media Gallery 1.0.1 Released

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    Brivium (Dec. 3, 2014) - XenForo Media Gallery 1.0.1 is the first maintenance release for XenForo media gallery add-on. XenForo team recommends all customers running XenForo Media Gallery upgrade to benefit from increased stability.

    In addition to bug fixes, this release adds some small improvements:
    • Media and albums can now be sorted by a weighted average (like XenForo Resource Manager). The weighted average is rebuilt during upgrade
    • It is now possible to show a new/random media block in the sidebar simply by enabling it in Admin CP > Applications > Gallery Options > Blocks Options
    • If the content tag cloud is disabled, the ability to search tags from the sidebar is still available
    • It is now possible to report albums
    • New permission to control the hard deletion of comments
    Some of the bug fixes include:
    • Incorrect link used in the like summary bar after a like was submitted
    • Prevent unviewable categories from being listed on album pages
    • Always canonicalize the root media URL
    • Character encoding issues when fetching media title / description from a media site
    • Clean up attachment correctly when media item is deleted
    • Gallery BB Code now works better with multiple editors
    • Hide some features from touch devices
    • Allow inline moderation of albums to apply to soft deleted albums
    • Ensure media cache is rebuilt for an album once a media item is deleted
    • Some display issues on some older iOS devices
    • Ensure that user tagging alerts respect permissions and are cleaned up if the tag is removed
    • Improvements to the rendering of GALLERY BB Code and limits on the number that can be submitted per post
    • Data too long errors when importing from XFR User Albums due to using description instead of filename
    * Source: XenForo Community
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    This is my favourite add-on. Looking forward to some of your MG compatible add-ons.
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