Information Yttrium Style - The Last Premium Style of 2014

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    Brivium - Dec 30, 2014 XenForo Services Staff Member


    The 2014 is going to the end. With just few next days, you will be going to totally say goodbye to 2014 and welcome the new year 2015. In the atmostphere of red champagne, Brivium is pleased to announce that we will release Yttrium style as the last style of this year.

    Yttrium style is named under the name of Yttrium element. Yttrium is a chemical element with symbol Y and atomic number 39. It is a silvery-metallic transition metal chemically similar to thelanthanides and it has often been classified as a "rare earth element".

    The scientist founded this element at a village in Sweden and to celebrate it, he choose that name of village for the name of the element. In a result, the main color of this style is dark blue - The color of Sweden flag. To highlight the content in the dark background, Brivium chooses the white text on it.

    Take a look at our newest premium style at the ending days of 2014 - Yttrium Style.

    And at the last words, we want to thank you for your support during 2014 and we will see you in the next year - 2015 with more new surprises and new products.

    Years come and go, But we will remain friends And never be a foe. Therefore, before the sun sets down low, Brivium wishing you a happy And a properous New Year!
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