XenForo 1 Addons

Welcome to our XenForo 1 Addons showcase We offer professional and high grade add-ons for all niche. Browse through official release notes for our add-ons below.

  1. Prevent Newbies Posts to Wrong Forum

    Prevent Newbies Posts to Wrong Forum

    Users need to confirm destination forum for the new thread if their post count is less than the numb
  2. Daily Thread Limit

    Daily Thread Limit

    This addon adds a permission to limit the number of thread of each members can create per day.
  3. Attention Zero-Posters

    Attention Zero-Posters

    This will by default remind zero-posters (x days after registration) to start posting soon.
  4. Resources Pagination by Alphabetical

    Resources Pagination by Alphabetical

    Adds a list of alphabetical links to jump to the the page showing resources start with that letter.
  5. Dofollow Links for Usergroup

    Dofollow Links for Usergroup

    This add-on allows to specify usergroups who who don't have "nofollow" set on URLs they post.
  6. Multiple Phrase Create

    Multiple Phrase Create

    This addon allow to create multiple phrase. You can add as many as you'd like.
  7. Multiple Node Create

    Multiple Node Create

    This addon allows to create multiple forum, category node. You can add as many as you'd like.
  8. Generate Temporary Password

    Generate Temporary Password

    This add-on creates a new random password combined by letters and numbers for new users.
  9. Contact Auto Responder

    Contact Auto Responder

    Creating delay period for the admin to respond mails from Contact us by automatic reply emails.
  10. View User Posts in Thread

    View User Posts in Thread

    This add-on allows to view all posts made by a specific user in a specific thread.
  11. RM Categories Expand

    RM Categories Expand

    This add-on allows to expand the default category and elevate it into many layers.
  12. Debug


    This add-on provides completely solution for turning on/off debug mode from Admincp.