XenForo 1 Addons

Welcome to our XenForo 1 Addons showcase We offer professional and high grade add-ons for all niche. Browse through official release notes for our add-ons below.

  1. Hide Link From Usergroups

    Hide Link From Usergroups

    Restrict any usergroups assigned to be hidden from any links posting on the forum that admin choose.
  2. Hide IP of Super Admin

    Hide IP of Super Admin

    This add-on will hide the IP of super admin in posts and at the online list.
  3. Who Read This Thread

    Who Read This Thread

    Listing all the users who read a thread from the moment that it was released.
  4. PHP/HTML/BB Code Sidebar Blocks

    PHP/HTML/BB Code Sidebar Blocks

    This add-on will allow you to add/create unlimited custom sidebar blocks at your forum.
  5. Staff Application

    Staff Application

    Create a staff application form automatically and make the recruitment progress much easier.
  6. Recent Threads Forum Index

    Recent Threads Forum Index

    This add-on will point out the most recent threads of forum at the top of board index.
  7. Set User(s) Online

    Set User(s) Online

    Increase the forum's online members on the total number of members.
  8. Predefined Replies

    Predefined Replies

    Predefine any content you want in a post/thread to save your time!
  9. Credits - Paypal Payment

    Credits - Paypal Payment

    Maximize your shopping desire on Xenforo using PayPal payment by "Credits - PayPal Payment".
  10. Current Thread Viewers

    Current Thread Viewers

    This add-on shows all the current users who are viewing/browsing a thread during a session.
  11. Rate This User

    Rate This User

    This add-on will add an advanced star user rating system to your forum.
  12. Registration Email Domain

    Registration Email Domain

    Only display the email registration from any email domains you want to by this add-on.