XenForo 1 Addons

Welcome to our XenForo 1 Addons showcase We offer professional and high grade add-ons for all niche. Browse through official release notes for our add-ons below.

  1. Resend Activation Mail

    Resend Activation Mail

    This add-on helps you to remind new registered members to confirm email by sending an email again.
  2. Sort RM Category By Title

    Sort RM Category By Title

    This addon adds an option to order RM categories and subcategories by Alphabet.
  3. About Me Restriction

    About Me Restriction

    This addon restricts to use About Me field for specific users/usergroups to prevent spammer.
  4. User Upgrade Email

    User Upgrade Email

    This addon adds option to send inform email to user once a new user upgrade has been processed.
  5. Email This Conversation

    Email This Conversation

    This addon to set permissions for usergroup to foward conversation / conversation message to email
  6. Filter Customized Templates

    Filter Customized Templates

    This addon provides an easy way to give administrator ability to filter customized templates.
  7. Search Email Templates

    Search Email Templates

    This addon allows you to search your email templates by title, subject, text, HTML body contains.
  8. Change Password Permission

    Change Password Permission

    This addon defines a permission to change password for specific users/usergroups.
  9. Filter Template

    Filter Template

    This addon will give administrator ability to filter templates by Addon.
  10. Filter Phrase

    Filter Phrase

    This addon will give administrator ability to filter phrases by Addon.
  11. Allow User Select Language

    Allow User Select Language

    This addon allows administrator can disable users' ability to select some Languages.
  12. Multiple Phrase Create

    Multiple Phrase Create

    This addon allow to create multiple phrase. You can add as many as you'd like.