XenForo 1 Addons

Welcome to our XenForo 1 Addons showcase We offer professional and high grade add-ons for all niche. Browse through official release notes for our add-ons below.

  1. Default Registration Group

    Default Registration Group

    This add-on will divide the new members into other small groups.
  2. Delete User's Content

    Delete User's Content

    Delete permanently an user's account based on deleting user's content.
  3. Reply Assigned Threads

    Reply Assigned Threads

    This add-on will add permission for a group user to reply assigned threads.
  4. Set Resource as Must View

    Set Resource as Must View

    Set a resource as a must view by guests/users before browse/view the rest of the resources.
  5. Recent Posts Forum Index

    Recent Posts Forum Index

    This add-on will point out the most recent posts of forum at the top of the board index.
  6. Extra Thread Views

    Extra Thread Views

    This add-on will adds several extra criteria/settings for your members to view threads.
  7. Extra Forum Views

    Extra Forum Views

    This add-on is used to add extra criteria for your members to enter individual forums.
  8. Extra Resource Views

    Extra Resource Views

    This add-on will use to add more extra criterias for users to view individual resources.
  9. Notify on Proxy Registrations

    Notify on Proxy Registrations

    Warning administrators about accessing site from a proxy registration.
  10. Unlimited Custom Applications

    Unlimited Custom Applications

    Creating unlimited forum of application as your wishes.
  11. Admin Content Protection

    Admin Content Protection

    Getting the administrator’s content incredible, untouchable with any users.
  12. Ban Users From Entering Forums

    Ban Users From Entering Forums

    This add-on prohibits users from accessing certain forums assigned.