XenForo 1 Addons

Welcome to our XenForo 1 Addons showcase We offer professional and high grade add-ons for all niche. Browse through official release notes for our add-ons below.

  1. URL Shortener

    URL Shortener

    URL Shortener allows you to generate shortlinks on your XenForo board with a few additional features
  2. [Store Product] Change User Title

    [Store Product] Change User Title

    A product-addon of Store Framework allows users purchases permission to change their user title.
  3. RM Download Tracker

    RM Download Tracker

    A very useful tool to check list who has downloaded your file attachments.
  4. HTML for XFMG Categories Title

    HTML for XFMG Categories Title

    This add-on allows you to include HTML in XenForo Media Gallery Categories title
  5. Popular Forums Sidebar

    Popular Forums Sidebar

    This add-on allows to add the most popular forum to the sidebar based on the post count.
  6. Trash Forum

    Trash Forum

    This add-on provides you an ability to recycle threads instead of deleting them.
  7. Default Registration Group

    Default Registration Group

    This add-on will divide the new members into other small groups.
  8. Multiple Show Conversation

    Multiple Show Conversation

    Displaying as many conversation box as you want just only one screen of tab.
  9. Who Read This Thread

    Who Read This Thread

    Listing all the users who read a thread from the moment that it was released.
  10. Mailchimp Integrate

    Mailchimp Integrate

    Keep your XenForo subscribers in Syncing with MailChimp, supports multiple lists and interest groups
  11. Current Thread Viewers

    Current Thread Viewers

    This add-on shows all the current users who are viewing/browsing a thread during a session.
  12. Jump to Page

    Jump to Page

    Jump to Page allows you to jump directly from one page to another.