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  1. Recent Threads Sidebar

    Recent Threads Sidebar

    This add-on will show off the most recent threads of forum on the sidebar.
  2. View Full Media Permission

    View Full Media Permission

    This add-on adds an extra permission of “Can view full media” for XenForo Media Gallery.
  3. Download All Attachments

    Download All Attachments

    Download all file at once times - It helps you for amazing experienced on your own forum.
  4. Post Comments

    Post Comments

    This add-on allows to add replies to comments of a post.
  5. RM Categories Expand

    RM Categories Expand

    This add-on allows to expand the default category and elevate it into many layers.
  6. RM Usergroup Download Permission

    RM Usergroup Download Permission

    Making a dynamic market by giving uploaders rights to decentralize download resources.
  7. Allow User Select Language

    Allow User Select Language

    This addon allows administrator can disable users' ability to select some Languages.
  8. User Upgrade Email

    User Upgrade Email

    This addon adds option to send inform email to user once a new user upgrade has been processed.
  9. Control Group Membership

    Control Group Membership

    This add-on help to control your title in any forum just by a click of mouse.
  10. Thread on Resource Update

    Thread on Resource Update

    Saving your time in writing notice of new updated resources as post format.
  11. Node List Sidebar Render

    Node List Sidebar Render

    Let's you easier when discovering a site by an advanced "menu".
  12. Avoid Short Urls

    Avoid Short Urls

    Avoiding risks exposed from short urls with Avoid Short URLs right now!