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  1. Location BBCode

    Location BBCode

    Check-in everywhere you are on your site and show Google maps as you wish for!
  2. Credits Premium

    Credits Premium

    This add-on provides functionality for creating & managing virtual points for XenForo
  3. Advanced Table BBcode

    Advanced Table BBcode

    Providing for you a tool to create a table like using in Word by a BBCode.
  4. Quick Create Thread

    Quick Create Thread

    Create quickly a "Create Thread" button anywhere on the navigation bar by this add-on.
  5. Metadata Essential

    Metadata Essential

    Manage all your metadata tags inside your content and make your pagerank rankings better.
  6. Change Threads/Posts Owner (Premium)

    Change Threads/Posts Owner (Premium)

    Change Thread/Post Owner let you switch your name displayed under any thread and select time of post
  7. Modern Statistics

    Modern Statistics

    This product will shows multiple statistics about the forum under various criteria.
  8. XenForo Resource Prefixes

    XenForo Resource Prefixes

    This product will allow you to apply pre-defined text to individual resources title.
  9. Credits - Paypal Payment

    Credits - Paypal Payment

    Maximize your shopping desire on Xenforo using PayPal payment by "Credits - PayPal Payment".
  10. Registration Email Domain

    Registration Email Domain

    Only display the email registration from any email domains you want to by this add-on.
  11. Auto Link Replacer

    Auto Link Replacer

    This product helps to add links to selected words in any users' posts for SEO's purposes.
  12. Attachment Essential

    Attachment Essential

    Help you out of all management works on your attachment files with lots of useful features.