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  1. Forced Password Change

    Forced Password Change

    This addon allows admin to force users to change their password on their next page load or login.
  2. Modern Statistics

    Modern Statistics

    This product will shows multiple statistics about the forum under various criteria.
  3. [Store Product] Change Email

    [Store Product] Change Email

    This is product-addon of Store Framework allows users purchases permission to change their email.
  4. [Store Product] Change Date Of Birth

    [Store Product] Change Date Of Birth

    The 1st product-addon of Store Framework allows users purchases permission to change date of birth.
  5. Change Threads/Posts Owner (Premium)

    Change Threads/Posts Owner (Premium)

    Change Thread/Post Owner let you switch your name displayed under any thread and select time of post
  6. Schedule Post / Thread

    Schedule Post / Thread

    Setting time for your posts/threads before even a month in a very easy and comfortable way.
  7. Members Pagination by Alphabetical

    Members Pagination by Alphabetical

    Adds a list of alphabetical links to jump to the the page showing members starting with that letter.
  8. Support Ticket System

    Support Ticket System

    Provide you a stunning system to create an amazing customer services on your client problems.
  9. Notify on Proxy Registrations

    Notify on Proxy Registrations

    Warning administrators about accessing site from a proxy registration.
  10. Facebook Group to XenForo

    Facebook Group to XenForo

    Seeding forum is never ever easy like now. Saving time and money with Facebook Group to XenForo.
  11. Advanced Table BBcode

    Advanced Table BBcode

    Providing for you a tool to create a table like using in Word by a BBCode.
  12. Advanced Reputation System

    Advanced Reputation System

    This add-on will add an advanced reputation system to your forum.